Soggy Science Update

What has the soggy science learned so far from the research they have conducted?

The biggest thing that we have learned so far is that conducting research in an unpredictable field setting is hard work! Typically we are conducting water tests twice each day. Most of our samples are being collected in the middle of the river channel and then we paddle for shore to conduct the tests. Due to the strong current, moving laterally on the river is challenging and we usually have to dig in hard with our paddles to reach a given point on shore. When we get to shore we quickly set up our field laboratory and run the tests for dissolved oxygen, phosphates and nitrates. The nitrate test has not been functioning properly. This has tested our problem solving abilities. After talking it over with a lab tech from Hach and some serious thinking, we suspect that the high turbidity in the river is interfering with the nitrate test. We have improvised a solution and are collecting nitrate data again but the data set may be somewhat compromised. We have collected nearly 40 data points over 600 miles and are looking forward to the analysis when we get back.

The high water and flooding that we are experiencing have made the large woody debris microhabitat study unrealistic. All of the snags are currently underwater! Hopefully we will be able to collect some data a little further south.


Genesis said...

Hey Mr. Reedy, it's Genesis. Love your blog and pictures! They are awsome! Well seems like you have been up to a lot this summer and that's cool. As for myself, nothing really except go to mexico for about a month and then beach and six flags =). Well hope you continue to have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer. See you in school! And science club?

P.S. My braces were taken off! =)

Aaron Reedy said...

Great to hear from you Genesis! Hope that you had a great trip to Mexico. We would love to see you at science club!

Enjoy the end of the summer.

Mr. Reedy