The Soggy Science Expedition Team


jenny said...

hey Mr.ReeDy...
u don't waste time!!!
i can tell u've been havin da greatest of times ^_^
love da slideshow
everything you all do seems so awesome 2 xperience

well i'm probably not goin 2 get u next year :(
but u btr tell your students how everything went kuz i'm sure we all r goin 2 miss your stories and piktures you used 2 show us...
i still remember wen u showed us your wife 4 da 1st time [=

she is beautifuL!!!

n it's so koolio tht you both r doing what youz love 2 do 2geter :)

well keep on having a blasT!!!
you da best teacher evr.. pinkie promise...!!!
n 7th period will 4 evr b your bestes klas!!!
lol 303 [=

well yea c u :)

oh n by da way it's me jenny :)

Aaron Reedy said...

Hi Jenny! Great to hear from you. I will miss your class too. See you around school next week. Come and say hi anytime. Good luck this year.

Mr. Reedy

p.s. I checked out your blog. I think that you should update it with what is going on with your soccer team throughout the school year/season. Just a suggestion.